Student Travel Insurance: A Must Have for Overseas Study

Student Travel Insurance: A Must Have for Overseas Study

For Indian students, studying at a foreign university is no longer exceptional. With the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada already welcoming Indian students who have been admitted to their colleges, many will be traveling now for September intake.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many people had to postpone their admittance by a year or intake, last year. However, the vaccination launch has made their voyage feasible. However, the rush to get to your colleges or universities should not cause you to disregard getting appropriate insurance to cover your journey as well as your stay for the whole academic year.

While many institutions may offer the necessary medical insurance (some may even make it essential to purchase the insurance from them), it is a good idea to bring a cover from home before boarding that plane.

Even If a student is qualified for college or state-provided health insurance, they should ensure that the state-provided medical insurance is sufficient to cover all medical expenditures while studying abroad. Furthermore, many non-medical possibilities are never covered by student insurance or state-sponsored health plans. So, here is a reminder to get student travel insurance from your home country itself before boarding that flight. But before that, let’s first understand some key features of student travel insurance.

Student Travel Insurance Policy Features

Overseas student travel insurance has aspects that set it apart from other forms of travel insurance. Explore some of the most popular aspects of international student travel insurance given by Indian insurance providers:

Global Coverage

You will be covered by international student travel insurance regardless of where you plan to study.

Travel Assistance

If something goes wrong while you’re studying abroad, your insurance will aid you in a variety of scenarios depending on the policy’s scope.

Accident and illness coverage

Nobody likes to get ill, let alone get sick while traveling. It’s inconvenient, stressful, and sometimes costly. This coverage will shield you from expensive medical bills while studying abroad. The student travel insurance coverage will cover all expenditures in the event of an accident or an emergency medical evacuation.

Refund on Policy Cancellation

If the university/college overseas refuses to acknowledge the student travel insurance coverage that you purchased in India, you may easily cancel it. All insurance firms provide a cancellation option for student travel insurance policies.

Baggage Delay or Loss

In the eventuality of baggage theft or loss, your international student travel insurance coverage will cover the expenses of all basic amenities.

Hijack Allowance

Even if the possibilities are low, if you are a victim of a hijacking, your insurance will provide you with a distress allowance to help you cope with the trauma.

Personal Liability

It’s fairly unusual to find yourself accidentally accountable to a third party when traveling. If you are engaged in an accident that causes damage to another person’s property or the person themselves, your coverage will assist you in covering the associated expenses.


If your current policy tenure ends at the end of your semester, most insurers provide an auto-renewal option that may be utilized to renew your student medical insurance policy for the following semester.

Compassionate Visits

If you are hospitalized for more than seven days, your insurance plan will cover the expense of your close family member’s travel and stay so that they may be with you.

Easy Extensions

In case your exams are postponed, you can simply extend your student health insurance coverage to cover the duration of your stay abroad. You may also utilize the auto-renewal tool to renew your subscription automatically.

Study Interruptions Coverage

Probably the most essential element of student travel health insurance policies is that if you are hospitalized for a month or longer due to illness, injury, or medical repatriation, you will be reimbursed for your tuition cost for that period. The same is valid if your sponsor or an immediate family member dies, resulting in the discontinuation of your studies.

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