In today’s world, where health concerns take the centre stage, the demand for the healthcare insurance agent’s role is also at the peak.

These professionals function as guides for individuals and families in getting the right health insurance coverage. Moreover, they play a vital role in bridging the gap between the often-intricate language of insurance policies and the practical needs of their clients.

In this blog, we will guide you on how to become a Care Health insurance broker. Whether you possess prior experience in the insurance industry or are entirely new to it, we will simplify the process into manageable steps and provide you with valuable tips to excel in this significant profession.

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About Care Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance specializes in providing comprehensive health insurance plans tailored for both individuals and groups. Their diverse range of insurance products includes plans for individual health coverage, supplementary coverage to complement existing insurance, protection against personal accidents, and more.

The company is unwaveringly committed to placing customers at the forefront of its operations. Care Health Insurance consistently invests in cutting-edge technology to ensure its customers receive exceptional service, innovative insurance products, and excellent value for their investment.

Moreover, Care Health Insurance has garnered numerous prestigious awards, attesting to its outstanding performance. In 2023, the company was honored with the title of ‘Best Health Insurance Company of the Year’ at the India Insurance Summit & Awards, further solidifying its reputation for excellence.

Who can be an insurance agent with Care Health

  • Good Salespeople
  • Homemakers Willing to Return to Work
  • Young Adults Starting Their Careers
  • Retired Individuals Looking for Work

What Care health Insurance agency offers to its insurance agent?

Technology Support

Care Health Insurance is committed to working in a technology-driven environment; our Customer & Health Planner portals and Mobile Application tool provide a seamless and efficient user interface.

Rewards and Recognition

The organization operates an attractive and unparalleled rewards and recognition program; with monthly, quarterly and annual recognitions and conferences at national & international level.

Care Health Insurance Agent Vs PoSP

A POSP can sell simple, transparent insurance plans, which provide complete protection and tax benefits. They sell products that are pre-underwritten and specifically approved by IRDAI for solicitation through POSP. These products are basic, so they come with clear and straight fixed benefits and do not need elaborate explanations for the customer. A PoSP cannot sell complicated or high-risk products.

On the other hand, a care health insurance agent can sell all approved products whether pre-underwritten or tailor-made for their customers. They can help their prospects customise policies to meet their exact needs, and advice clients on policy matters. They can sell complicated as well as high-risk products.

How Becoming a PoSP is better than becoming a Care Health Insurance Agent?

Becoming a PoSP is better than becoming a Star Health Insurance agent. PoSP (Point of Selling Person) is a type of insurance agent introduced by IRDAI. A PoSP agent may sell different kinds of insurance policies directly to the consumer. An insurance agent may also sell the policies to consumers. However, an insurance agent may sell the policies for only one insurance company. At the same time, a PoSP agent may sell the policies for many companies. He may earn a commission on every policy he sells. Moreover, it is easy to become a PoSP agent. A person who is 10th passed and 18 years old may become a PoSP agent by attending the training session and clearing the exam. An insurance agent may also become a PoSP agent by clearing the PoSP exam.

Here are the benefits of becoming a PoSP agent.

No Fixed Timing

A PoSP agent may have a flexible work time. He may sell the insurance product at his convenience. He may work either online or offline. In addition, he may also decide whether he needs to work full-time or Part-time.

Work from Home

A PoSP agent may also work from home. He may contact the buyers online and sell them the insurance products.

Own Boss

A PoSP agent does need to work under a boss. He may become his own boss by selling the insurance products of his choice.


A PoSP insurance agent may work with many insurance companies. Therefore, he may earn a considerable income.


A Care Health Insurance agent may also become a PoSP agent. PoSP is a new type of license introduced by IRDAI to meet the unique demand of the customer. A PoSP may sell different insurance products of numerous insurance companies. He may work at his convenience. In addition, he may enjoy flexible work hours and sell multiple plans. He can also enjoy a regular earning on the plans sold by him.

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What are the eligibility criteria to become a Care Health Insurance Agent?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, individuals above 18 years with a minimum educational qualification (often 10th standard or higher) can apply. Check with Care Health Insurance for specific requirements.

How can I stay updated on Care Health Insurance products and industry changes?

Answer: Continuous learning is encouraged. Care Health Insurance may provide updates on products and industry changes through regular training sessions, newsletters, or online platforms.

How does a Point of Service Person (PoSP) differ from a Care Health Insurance Agent?

A Point of Service Person (PoSP) is a broader term that encompasses individuals authorized to sell insurance products from multiple insurance providers. Care Health Insurance Agents, on the other hand, specifically sell products offered by Care Health Insurance.

Can a PoSP exclusively sell Care Health Insurance products?

A Point of Service Person has the flexibility to sell products from various insurance providers, including Care Health Insurance. They are not exclusive to a single company, providing customers with a broader range of options.

Can a PoSP switch to becoming a Care Health Insurance Agent or vice versa?

Transitioning between roles may be possible, but it depends on individual agreements, company policies, and regulatory requirements. Individuals interested in such transitions should check with the respective companies and regulatory authorities for guidance.