Selling Tips for PBPartners

Selling Tips For PoSP Agent Partner

Selling insurance as a PoSP agent partner is a great career choice for many lucrative reasons. It requires firm grit and conviction, but if you can reap its benefits accurately, you not only take home an attractive income but also get to work as and when you like. As a PoSP agent partner, you get to move beyond an income based on a fixed payroll towards limitless earnings. Your income is the commission that you earn on sold policies. That means, the more policies you sell, the higher you earn.

Another great benefit of working as a PoSP agent partner is that you get the flexibility to work any way you want, forever. As a PoSP agent partner, you get to sell insurance and become the owner of your business. This way, you get complete control of how you work and the income you generate. Furthermore, there are no fixed hours of operation in a PoSP business. You can even pursue another job while simultaneously being a PoSP agent partner. Lastly, PoSP agent partners don’t have a retirement age, so there are tremendous opportunities at the threshold of becoming a PoSP agent partner.

While these are just some of the many benefits of becoming a PoSP agent partner, we have some tips that can help you further your strides along the journey.

1. Become a PoSP agent partner

The first step on your journey to financial freedom comes after you clear the Insurance Advisor Certification examination prescribed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). While there are two ways you can do that, the PoSP model is more advanced and convenient. You can take the exam by registering as a PoSP agent partner on our website. Go through a simple registration and onboarding process to opt for training and get certified with us. Becoming a PoSP agent partner is the gateway to becoming a certified insurance advisor.

2. Network of Contacts

As a PoSP agent partner, you will have to set up a database of your clients and a network of contacts. This list will include all of your contacts ranging from family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. This list is called the prospect list, and it increases with time, so it needs to be maintained. Give them a ring from time to time to let them know that they have a certified insurance advisor at their service.

3. Cold-calls

Cold-calling is when we call an unknown individual to sell them insurance. Cold-calling is a great way to expand your client database. You have to get a list of contact numbers and then call each individual on the list to sell insurance, going in with a fresh mind each time. It’s a test of your perseverance and diligence, but it’s still one of the most tested ways of expanding your client pool.

4. Following-up

Insurance is a long term decision and a purchase does not always conclude in the first go. Your clients may need more convincing or may have questions and queries about their purchase, it’s best to initiate conversations and keep them interested. You have to remember to understand their root problems and pain points to offer them a product that they truly need. Doing this builds their faith in you as someone who is coming from a place of concern. It’s a game of patience and persistence as clients may often be busy. However, the best practice is to call at their earliest convenience without being too pushy.

5. Setting Appointments

Once you’ve had a dialogue with your client over the phone, you would want to fix an appointment with them to seal the deal. Meeting them in person comes very handy while understanding their requirements to make a suitable pitch. Try to throw in some general questions during your discourse that may help you gauge them as individuals.

6. Client Assessment

It always helps to begin with some fact-finding analysis. It’s a process of understanding the precise needs of a client. It includes analyzing their financial strengths & weaknesses. Once you have fully understood their requirements, find a product that fulfils their identified demand. For example, you can sell Health insurance to a working professional with elderly parents to provide for their need for medical security.

7. Customer Service

What would it take for you to trust a stranger and buy insurance policies for them? That’s right! It’s only excellent customer service that can win over someone’s trust regarding such a crucial decision. What’s more important here is the post-purchase service that you offer. Be ready to explain any details of the policy to the client that they might need to understand further. Double-check all forms and see if they have any questions or queries. Be interested in their curiosity and explain to them all the terms, conditions, benefits, and features of the product you’re offering.

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